Which Flag Base is Best for Me?

Selecting the correct base for Teardrop Banners, Bow Banners & Rectangle Flags is important to ensure you can use them anywhere you want. All of our bases fit on all of our flag poles, so you can purchase multiple bases to allow you to use your flags at any event or location.

The most popular base is the Ground Spike which allows you to stand the flag up on soft surfaces, such as grass or dirt areas, garden beds & sand at the beach.

The second most popular stand is our Folding Cross Base with Water Bag. This stand allows you to use your flags on hard surfaces, such as indoors on carpet or outdoors on concrete. We find this model to be much easier to transport than the cast iron bases on the market (and just as effective), so this is the only option we sell for hard surfaces. When the water bag is filled with water it weighs 11 kgs - so it provides great stability for the flags in most conditions.

The third option is our Wall Bracket. This option is perfect if you have a set location at the front of your store or on a fence that you will be putting your flags out on each day. These brackets are designed to be permanently screw fixed to a wall or fence and allow you to simply take the flag on and off each day. There are two options available, our 0 degree bracket allows the flag to sit straight up, the 30 degree option allows the flag to point out on an angle. The size of the base plate on the wall brackets is 100mm x 100mm.

The fourth option is our Car Base. This is a very popular option for car yards. This base is locked in place by a front or rear car wheel.

Remember, our bases are universal across our range of Teardrop Banners, Bow Banners & Rectangle Flags. It doesn’t matter what size you choose, the bases are the same for all.

If you have any questions about which flag base would be best for you, please contact our customer support team.